Job Prospects In The Health Economics Field

The field of health economics presents a good scope for qualified candidates in recent times. Economic evaluation of health policies is essential for both public and private sectors in the healthcare industry. This is the chief task of the professionals working in this field. Why would you consider a career in this field? A number of reasons are there in spite of being a considerably new domain, this field has experienced immense growth in the last few years. Moreover, the increased opportunities in this field also ensure better chances of finding a good job. It is a lucrative option as well.

Before you start looking for health economics jobs, you need to understand what may help you in this regard. A postgraduate degree in Health Economics, Statistics or Public Health is ideal for such jobs. However, just the right qualifications my not be sufficient for success in this field. Most employers ask for candidates with experience. In such a situation, hands on training in a consultancy organisation may work to your advantage. It also helps leverage your career in this field. Possession of verbal and written communication skills is also another essential for these jobs.

The specific skill set of an applicant is a determining factor in the job selection process. If a candidate is proficient in the technical aspect of the matter, working as a consultant in an organisation may be suitable for him. On the other hand, if a candidate is more into project management, working as an associate in a pharmaceutical company may be a better option for him. Before you apply for a particular position, make sure you consider the job responsibilities. This would help you select the right role and enhance chances of succeeding in the field of health economics.

What are some of the responsibilities of the health economists? Here are a few tasks these professionals have to handle.

1. Assessing the health policy and its feasibility, practicality and cost-effectiveness

2. Evaluating the potential value of a new product, designing studies to accumulate relevant information about the product, developing the marketing strategy for the product

3. Working as a consultant in health economics policy formations

4. Conducting research that focuses on the economic aspect of medical advancements in specific fields like genetics

5. Studying and evaluating the impact of national and international health policies

What job prospects are available in this field? Different sectors government, health insurance companies, pharma medical jobs, consultancy firms, academic centres, and many others employ health economists. Local, national and international job opportunities are available making it easier for you to find good openings. However, keep in mind that the location, company and position are determining factors in the salary you can get. Moreover, the dearth of skilled professionals in this field makes it a good alternative for candidates looking for jobs in the health care industry.

The opportunities in the field of health economics are at an all time rise in recent years. If you are considering a career in the health care industry, this may be a good choice. It is a challenging and lucrative job for the deserving candidate.

About the Author:

Steven Hayes has been working as a recruitment consultant. He gives a brief overview of the prospects and responsibilities of candidates opting for health economics jobs.

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